JPA now accepting pre-orders for its jet-powered flying motorcycle

speeder flying motorcycle jetpack aviation overhead

Jetpacks not enough for you? Are you looking for something more adventurous? Then check out the Speeder, a new jet-powered motorcycle from Jetpack Aviation (JPA). This sci-fi-inspired vehicle no comic book dream. The Speeder is designed and built by the same company that created the JB-10 jetpack and recently launched the world’s first jetpack racing league. JPA is currently taking pre-orders on the self-stabilizing, jet-powered bike.

JPA has the chops to deliver an outstanding flying motorcycle. The company has expertise in jet turbines and a decade of experience developing jetpack technology. The flying bike uses four turbojet engines that can be powered by kerosene, JetA fuel or diesel. The four engines produce a combined maximum thrust of 705 pound-force, which is enough to lift the 230-pound motorcycle and the weight of its operator, up to 250 pounds.

The Speeder is more than just a motorcycle-styled hovercraft. JPA built the craft to soar into the sky. According to the vehicle’s specs, the airborne motorcycle can climb to 15,000 feet at speeds up to 150 mph. Pilots will need to provide a supplemental oxygen source if they plan to fly at the 15,000-foot maximum of the vehicle. Each flight can last up to 22 minutes, depending on the altitude of the flight and the weight of the pilot.

Similar to the JB-series jetpack, the Speeder uses a tilt-to-accelerate flight system with hand controls, a two-way aviation radio for communication, and 12-inch touchscreen for navigation. It also uses a fly-by-wire control system that self-stabilizes the vehicle in the air much like a drone. JPA plans to build different versions of the Speeder so it can be flown on a recreational pilot certificate or sports pilot’s license for convenience. JBA also is working on an ultralight version that requires no Federal Aviation Administration license at all.

JPA immediate plans are to produce 20 models of the Speeder for recreational use. Each jet-powered motorcycle will cost $380,000 and will include a flight suit and a helmet. You can reserve one for a $10,000 down payment. JPA also is developing a military/commercial version with five turbojet engines and the ability to fly remotely without a pilot.

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