Stop eating the walls: New insulation is both edible and fire resistant


Houses can be scary places. They can be haunted, susceptible to disasters such as floods and earthquakes, or come down in blazing infernos of flame. While we can’t offer much help when it comes to dealing with any grizzly ghouls or natural disasters, there might be a new solution to protecting your home from dangerous and costly fire damage.

Aarmourtherm, and its founder, Tom Brundige, have been hard at work developing a new form of insulation that it claims will not only protect your home from fires, but is so safe that you can eat it. Gone are the days when your parents told you not to touch that pink fluffy installation up in the attic. Now you can eat it, or at least Brundige (who says on the company’s site that he has been eating it for nearly five years and is “healthy”) says you can — but we don’t really recommend it.

To illustrate his amazing new product, Brundige has been making the rounds across the country and demonstrating exactly what his amazing, and apparently edible, product can do. In the video below, Brundige places some of the insulating foam on his hand then proceeds to fire up a 7,000 degree blow torch. He then directs the torch at the compound he is holding without any protection between his skin other than the foam. Then, in order to demonstrate the biodegradable and non-toxic qualities of his product, he takes a spoon, scoops some up, and eats it.

Of course if Brundige and Aarmourtherm’s product is so revolutionary why isn’t it available in stores? Well, the company candidly answers that question on its website stating:”This was done when scientists said it was not possible, therefore people are reluctant to believe. The current rules of physics do not allow this to be possible. It’s not in stores yet because Aarmourtherm is still in the process of finding benefactors for endowments or grants.”

Needless to say it’s quite the demonstration. While we wouldn’t go so far as to integrate Brundige’s insulation into our diets – it looks like it does what it’s intended to do. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed there isn’t some facial-moisturizing application to the foam as well; we would hate to see Brundige demo a blow torch to the face to prove his point. 

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