UK company turns radiators into works of art

You tend not to see radiators in modern homes anymore — forced air is more likely to be cheaper to install, and allows for air conditioning. However, older homes, especially those in older cities, will definitely have radiators. Whether their owners want to look at them or not.

One enterprising company in the United Kingdom has taken on the challenge of creating eye-pleasing radiator add-ons it calls Art Glass Radiators. They’ve retrofitted existing radiator systems to come with panels that display some kind of image, with several sizes for different radiator configurations. After choosing a size, buyers can use either a photo or image of their own, or choose from a selection of images that the company offers. Tthere are over 80 different designs across the different sizes.

It’s a nice way to turn your radiator into an aesthetically pleasing part of your house without overwhelming the rest of your design ethos.

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