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Wearable tech craze sees Samsung and HTC go for similar April Fools’ Day gags

wearable tech craze sees samsung htc go similar april fools gags fingers specifications

It’s that time of year again where tech companies the world over set out to prove they have a sense of humor, rolling out joke ideas for new products probably born of a beer-fueled Friday night out with co-workers.

By sheer coincidence, Samsung and HTC have both come up with similar ideas for their April Fools’ Day gags, though given the obsession with wearable tech just now, perhaps the similarity of their ideas shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.


Both went with high-tech gloves, with the Korean tech giant touting the ‘Samsung Fingers’ and HTC promoting the ‘Gluuv.’

Samsung describes Fingers as “the first all-over-hand wearable device featuring a flexible Super Emo-LED for the technology-sensitive consumer,” with the glove’s dedicated webpage going into some detail about its various features and specifications.


Besides run-of-the-mill stuff like cellular and Wi-Fi capability, built-in camera, mic, and speaker, the 1-gram glove also features thermo-pad technology to keep in-hand objects hot and a palm-rec feature that can recognize an object and tell you “what to do with it.”

S charge allows you to power the glove’s battery “by conveniently and elegantly raising your hand towards the sun,” while its flatulence auditory reproduction function means you can make the glove fart by pulling back one of your fingers, a feature “highly recommended for users under 10 years old or who desire to be alone in his or her surroundings.”htc gluuv

HTC’s offering, on the other hand meanwhile, looks altogether more futuristic, as well as rather cumbersome.

Gluuv (shown right) is described as integrating seamlessly with its recently announced HTC One (M8) smartphone, as well as with the “durable and humongous HTC BoomBass” music player, which means “you’ll never feel unprepared for a 90s dance-off ever again.”

While we can well imagine Samsung one day instructing its massive R&D team to develop a Fingers-like device, HTC is unlikely to be moving ahead with the production of the Gluuv anytime soon. Or ever.

[via 9to5Google]

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