Android app abilities, hotter hardware boost Google’s Chrome OS

Now even Chomier

It looks like Google’s Chrome operating system is steadily gaining against its better-known Windows and Mac OS competition. Better known as the affordable but not exactly full-bodied OS that runs on some of the most inexpensive laptops on the market, the latest version of Chrome now includes the ability to run Android apps, and that’s a key difference maker. The hardware is keeping up as well.

DT’s Brad Borque put the latest version of Chrome OS through its paces on the new Samsung Chromebook Pro and came away impressed. Sure, it’s $550, but if can pony that up for a Chromebook, you’re now getting a truly versatile and portable computer that works as a highly capable laptop, tablet, and entertainment machine. Remember: it runs Android apps now. Students take note. Check out Brad’s full review and video here.

Your eyes will thank you

DT A/V editor Caleb Denison has just emerged from a large room full of new Sony 4K HDR TVs and media players, and it looks like 2017 could be a breakout year for the hallowed brand that has seen rising competition from LG, Samsung and others. Following their debut of a new OLED TV that wowed everyone at CES this year, Sony is following up with a new 4K Blu-ray player for just $300. But that’s just the beginning.

That new player should go well with their new and expanded line of LED TVs, which range in price from a $1,000 for a 43-inch set on up to $7,500 for a top-of-the-line 75-inch monster. Unfortunately, pricing for the OLED line wasn’t revealed, but all the other models should start hitting stores and online outlets next month. Go here for the full breakdown of Sony’s latest line of HDR TVs.

That hallway… is so cool!

Note to Facebook and Oculus Rift chief Mark Zuckerberg: about the last thing we want to do while in VR land is type. In fact, we advocate for banning of any typing in virtual reality but in reality, we know that’s not gonna happen. I mean, you’ve got to comment on funny VR cat antics posted in future VR versions of Facebook, right? So to that end, the Zuck did indeed try out some prototype gloves that let you type while in VR.

Zuckerberg checked out the future typing tech at Oculus’s Redmond, Washington skunkworks, which sports some seriously crazy hallways. He says he also checked out some other developing VR stuff like advanced eye tracking and some augmented reality glasses. And hey, shouldn’t you be in a bunny suit, Mark? I guess if you own the company, you get to skip that particulate protocol.

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