Apple’s latest iOS update locks out links on some iPads, iPhones

If you’ve recently updated you iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.3 and are having some issues, you’re not alone. Numerous reports are popping up on message boards and forums regarding Apple devices going back as far as the iPhone 5 locking up when trying to open web addresses from inside Safari, email and some other iOS-native apps. So far there seems to be no easy cure, and Apple is reportedly working on a fix.

Following the terror attacks Sunday in Pakistan that left over 60 people killed, numerous people took to social media to report that Facebook’s Safety Check popped up on their phone – even if they were nowhere near the site of the bombing. Facebook quickly apologized and said they were looking into why people nowhere near the bombing received the notification, which can be a bit unsettling to say the least.

Safety Check lets Facebook users tell friends and relatives that they are safe if they are near a disaster scene. It was first activated last November following the terror attacks in Paris.

And finally, it looks like “never” is a relative statement of time when it comes to idiosyncratic pop star Kanye West. After tweeting that his new album “The Life of Pablo” would never, ever ever show up on Apple Music, the single Famous suddenly has.

You can’t BUY the track, but you can stream it, and if you do, be prepared for some dissing of Taylor Swift and some hooks from Rihanna. What would make Kanye cave and post a track on Apple Music after he said Pablo would only play on Jay-Z’s rival Tidal service? Hard to tell, we’re certain money or exposure had nothing to do with it, of course.

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