Greg Nibler

Greg Nibler

Greg has worked as a Host, Producer, and Writer in radio and television since the early 2000s, working for such companies as CBS Radio, Alpha Broadcasting, the Portland Trail Blazers and Funemployment Radio. He feels we live in a wonderful age of technology, as it’s theoretically possible his childhood dream of owning a hoverboard, flying car and a holodeck could actually come true..

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The 5G evolution and what you can expect

Mobile technology is finally advancing out of the standard form we've become used to. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one example of further innovation and possibly a redesign of how we communicate and interact with our devices. Will 5G…
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DT Daily: RED’s holographic smartphone coming this summer

RED is known for high end, professional;cinema cameras. So what can we expect from the company's upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone? RED is promising unique features including a holographic screen and more.
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DT Daily: YouTube announces Premium subscription service

YouTube's ad-free subscription service, YouTube Red, is going away. In its place will be the new YouTube Premium with more exclusive original content and music, designed to compete with other streaming services.
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DT Daily: Microsoft plans budget Surface tablet to compete with iPad

Don't call it a scaled down, bargain Surface Pro tablet. Apple’s iconic iPad will soon have some new competition. in the form of an upcoming 10 inch Surface tablet, priced to compete with the $329 iPad.
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DT Daily: Facebook deletes over a half-billion fake accounts

In the first three months of 2018 Facebook removed over 500 Million fake accounts. For perspective, there are over 2.2 billion accounts on Facebook. So are 1 in 4 accounts on the social network really fake?
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DT Daily: NES Classic Edition set to return this summer

Mark your calendars people. The NES Classic Edition is making a return this summer. If you missed out on it the first time then plan on getting your order placed quickly because this is another limited edition.