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DT Daily: NES Classic Edition set to return this summer

Mark your calendars people. The limited edition NES Classic Edition is making a return this summer. If you missed out on the opportunity to pick up the retro console during its first limited offering, you’re in luck. Nintendo announced the Classic will be on sale once again, starting June 29th. It appears to be identical to the first console Nintendo released in 2016… and then abruptly stopped selling in April 2017. You get a palm sized console, loaded with 30 old school Nintendo games, and a single controller.

Nintendo says it will be selling the NES Classic, and the currently available SNES Classic, through the end of this year.

Facebook Bans Apps

As part of its efforts to regain some level of control over user data, Facebook has suspended about 200 third party apps. The social network is currently reviewing quote, “thousands” of third party apps which it suspects misused user data on the platform. And this is one of the steps Facebook announced back in March to shore up data security in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

These 200 or so suspended apps are going to undergo what Facebook is calling a thorough investigation, to determine exactly how their developers handled user data. If you’re concerned about how Facebook is handling your data, or if it’s been shared with one of these apps, check here to visit Facebook’s banned app list.

BMW Inductive Charging

BMW is taking a major step to make charging plug in cars easier with the introduction of its cutting-edge inductive charging system.

The system is simple. When the driver parks over a charging pad in a car that has a secondary coil located underneath, the car will start charging. BMW is saying that this system can provide a full charge in around three and a half hours.

It will be available in Europe on the 530e iPerformance later this summer, but in the U.S. we’ll just see a pilot program limited to 530e drivers in California.
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