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TWB Podcast: Apple Roundup, Driver-less Lyft, High-Tech Helmets, E-skin

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Apple Rumor Roundup: In case you didn’t know, the big Apple Special Event in Cupertino will be on September 12th and we already know we’ll be seeing a brand new iPhone. We’ll give a roundup of what the other rumored products are and where you can catch all of the action as it unfolds.

Autonomous Lyft: Bay Area folks may be able to take a ride in a powered autonomous car, in conjunction with Lyft. Users will need to opt into the program and if chosen, the ride will be free. Uber launched some autonomous service in PA and AZ recently and now the technology is spreading further. Are you ready for your AI driver?

The Vicis Zero1 Helmet could change the NFL: The NFL football season is officially underway today and concussions having become an ever-present issue for the league and it’s players. A company in Seattle is bringing a high-tech approach to the problem, in order to help alleviate the situation.

E-Skin for humans: University of Tokyo researchers have created a new form of clothing called e-skin. The clothing has embedded electrodes that interact with a connected program, opening up many possibilities for athletics, training, gaming and more.

Rose City Comic Con: Steph and Greg give a little preview of the huge convention taking place this weekend in Portland, Oregon. We hope to see you there!

Each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the Digital Trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil decorum. Throughout the show we answer your questions.

This week’s episode features Drew Prindle, Steph Stricklen, Rick Stella, and Greg Nibler.

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