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DT Daily: Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone could debut at MWC 2019

Is a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone on the way for 2019? Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has only been available for a couple months, but it’s time to talk about the Galaxy S10, and more.

Rumors have the next model in the Galaxy S line of smartphones being unveiled early! A report in the South Korean financial paper, the Bell, states that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled in January, at CES 2019. Typically, Samsung uses Mobile World Congress in February to unveil its flagship phone, and that tradition will also hold true next year.

But wait, how can the Galaxy S10 be unveiled at CES, yet Samsung still has a flagship phone to show off at MWC?

That same report claims a foldable, 3 screen phone called the Galaxy X will debut at MWC 2019. It’s essentially a 7 inch smartphone that folds in half, with a notification screen on the outside. The screens are rumored to be OLED, which would allow the device to hinge in the middle. Folded up the Samsung Galaxy X would be the size of the original iPhone, but expanded it would be more in line with Samsung’s Note phablet.

Again, these are just rumors, but Samsung did patent this design a few years back and is confirmed to be developing the design.

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