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Apple may stop selling the iPhone X this summer

Could Apple be considering ditching the iPhone X less than a year after the flagship phone’s launch?  That’s exactly what some market analysts predict. Spurred on by lower than expected sales, apple is expected to retire it’s flagship iPhone X this summer. Research firm KGI blames the design of the iPhone X. The notch at the top of the screen apparently has tricked many would be buyers into assuming that the phone has less usable real estate than a standard iPhone Plus model. Also a factor… the thousand dollar price tag. That could also have something to do with lagging sales.

So what’s next for Apple? KGI expects larger 6.1 inch and 6.5 inch iPhones to join the Apple lineup in late 2018. We expect them to all be called iPhone 9.

More upcoming smartphone news, this time from Samsung. The camera is expected to be the main selling point of the upcoming Galaxy S9, and this new page on the company’s website contains some insight. It details four new Isocell camera sensors, called Bright, Fast, Slim, and Dual. Combine that information with this leaked retail packaging shot and it appears that we’ll be seeing the fast sensor in the S9. Since we’re expecting the Galaxy S9 to feature a single camera, look for the camera to have a variable aperture that will switch between F1.5 and F2.4 based on lighting conditions.

It’s already been announced that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

Finally today, a Hong Kong architect is aiming to overcome some of the pressing housing issues facing the city, with the use of large concrete water pipes. James Law has designed the 100-square-foot “OPod” micro-home from a 2.5-meter-wide pipe. Each apartment, has an all-glass front to allow in natural light, white-painted walls and a wooden floor. The space incorporates basic amenities including a mini fridge, microwave oven, and a sofa that converts into a bed. The concealed rear part of the OPod contains the bathroom with a shower and toilet.

The OPod costs just $15,000 to build, and could be rented for $400 a month. That’s significantly cheaper than the $2,000 price tag a one-bedroom apartment fetches.

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