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Digital Trends Live: Zoom’s woes, 5G conspiracies, Quibi, and Quaid

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler breaks down the top trending tech topics of the day, including Zoom’s continuing woes, 5G conspiracy theories, Quibi launches, TCL’s first phones, an interview with Dennis Quaid, and more.

Dennis Quaid and Jared Gutstadt

Nibler then speaks with Quaid, actor and partner at Audio Up, as well as Jared Gutstadt, CEO and founder of Audio Up, about their new podcast The Dennissance, which will feature in-depth interviews with a series of high-profile actors, politicians, personalities, musicians, and innovative business leaders.

Andy Boxall joins the program to dive into the rumors of Apple’s iPhone SE, a new budget-friendly phone that may be available as soon as April 15.

Finally, we dive into some awesome tech you can’t buy yet, where Drew Prindle discusses some of the best crowdfunded projects in tech, including the Eyesy visual dance party, the Arebo hands-free full-body blow drier, and a “J-channeled” toothbrush that will clean your top and bottom teeth simultaneously in 20 seconds.

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