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Scuf Gaming reinvents controllers with paddles, new features

Scuf Gaming is revolutionizing the console gaming market by offering sleek and customizable controllers aimed at offering the best possible experience. What sets these controllers apart from most others is their ability to increase hand use and decrease latency by adding more functions to the back and sides of the controller, as well as allowing you to tweak settings (like the tautness of the triggers) and design to best fit your needs.

Digital Trends gaming editor Felicia Miranda sat down with Scuf Gaming CEO Duncan Ironmonger on this episode of DT Daily to discuss controllers and why serious gamers might consider something other than the controller that comes with their console. Scuf Gaming may be the solution.

Ironmonger started Scuf Gaming in 2011 after noticing a discrepancy between the types of controllers people were using to play games and the beautiful, high-tech types of games they were actually playing.

As it turns out, there isn’t really a one-size fits all approach to controllers. Each of Scuf’s controllers, like the newly released Vantage PlayStation4 controller, went through multiple prototype iterations (in this case 38!) before the engineering team was able to find the perfect model that was comfortable for the most people.

Unlike other controllers, Scuf’s utilize paddles on the back of the controller that mimic the face buttons and allow you to more easily navigate the controller. This is particularly useful for serious and pro gamers who are looking to decrease latency, but also suits people who find it hard to sustain gaming for long periods of time due to the design of the device they are using. Scuf controllers not only making gaming easier to navigate, but more comfortable too.

You can further tweak these controllers by removing the rumble motors (which can be easily replaced should you ever change your mind), or by adding extensions to the thumb sticks or triggers. You can also change your headset volume without ever taking your hands off the controller. For more details on Scuf Gaming’s line of controllers, be sure to visit the website.

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