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Digital Trends Live: OnePlus 7, Microsoft’s liquid-filled hinge, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including the release of the OnePlus 7, Facebook’s meeting with international banks about Libra, Microsoft’s liquid-filled hinge, the world’s largest flying robotic insect, flying car races, and more.

We then speak with Es Lee, founder and chief executive officer of Mei App, which uses A.I. to contextualize text messages, and works to improve your relationships through text.

Jake Moskowitz, vice president of data strategy and head of Emodo Institute, discusses the future of AR and VR advertising, and how the world of 5G is going to impact marketing.

Finally, we sit down with Jason Miller, executive vice president of Live Nation, and Peter Shapiro, president of Dayglo Presents, about the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider, and the performance of its soundtrack at Radio City Music Hall.

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