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Digital Trends Live: Big tech team-up, hacked Ring camera, NBC’s ad-free viewing

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Riley Winn break down the biggest-trending topics in tech, including a team-up of Apple, Google, and Amazon, a hacked Ring camera, NBC’s ad-free viewing, an all-electric urban aircraft, Google’s wildlife cameras, and more.

Henrik Teisbæk

Henrik Teisbæk, founder and chief executive officer of Veo Technologies, joins the program to discuss the company’s Veo camera, which captures and broadcasts soccer games using only an A.I. camera and two 4K lenses.

DT Senior Editor Drew Prindle is up next to talk about the difficulty of getting Federal Aviation Administration approval for new autonomous aircraft, and how one company is taking existing helicopters and making them autonomous.

Evan Shapiro

We then chat with the president of National Lampoon, Evan Shapiro, who talks about relaunching a legend: The National Lampoon Radio Hour: The Podcast.

Dan Pawlovich

Nibler then welcomes Dan Pawlovich, musician and drummer for Panic! At the Disco, who discusses the rise of 3D-printed musical instruments, as well as the use of new technologies to get to create better drum sounds on stage.

J Michael Melton

Are you ready for a meatless holiday meal? J Michael Melton, head of culinary at Impossible Foods, stops by DT’s Portland, Oregon headquarters to show us how to incorporate and prepare meatless cheese, hamburgers, and more for your big dinner.

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