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Digital Trends Live: A.I. regulation, electric vehicle subscriptions, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle dig into the biggest-trending tech stories of the day, including Google’s call for A.I. regulation, an electric vehicle subscription service, video game ADHD treatment, moon rovers by Lexus, mushrooms on the moon, and more.

Daven Mathies, DT’s contributing editor for photography, also talks about the latest in camera innovation from the Consumer Electronics Show, and how the emphasis at CES is moving toward fewer, but stronger, product releases.

We then head out on the road to look at a true infotainment center for the car, as well as future tech that will combine 5G with autonomous driving to stream video, games, and VR — all from the driver’s seat.

Mike Kunde

Next up, Mike Kunde, chief financial officer of Gametime, talks about the mobile-first ticketing platform with no hidden fees and guaranteed event entry.

George Windsor

Finally, we speak with George Windsor, head of insights at Tech Nation, about how it is leading the growth of digital business in the U.K.

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