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Digital Trends Live: Apple’s settlement, VR medical training, coronavirus update

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Caleb Denison discuss the biggest stories in tech, including the latest coronavirus updates, Apple’s $500 million throttling settlement, self-driving wheelchairs, virtual reality meets medical training, and more.

Ryan McCaughey

Nibler then talks with Ryan McCaughey, chief technology officer at Penumbra Brands, about a new study that shows how the iPhone 11 emits twice the Federal Communications Commission’s limit of RF exposure.

We then go inside the brains of delivery robots to see creating maps for these robots is different than the maps we make for driving.

Bogdan Odulinski

Bogdan Odulinski, board president of CleanApps, later discusses how small vendor apps make up the most of the market, but big tech are the only voices that are heard.

Goldie Chan

Finally, we welcome Goldie Chan, founder of Warm Robots, who talks about the Social Media Marketing World 2020 convention, where people and businesses get the tools to help develop and grow their brands.

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