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Digital Trends Live: SXSW shrinks, Twitter’s ‘fleets,’ and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Nick Mokey discuss the top-trending tech stories, including Netflix and Apple backing out of SXSW, Twitter’s “fleets,” Stadia finally goes 4K, self-regenerating car tires, high-res Mars photos, and more.

Next up, DT’s Jess Surbaugh joins Nibler for another segment of TBD. This week, we take a look at eliminating conspiracy theory videos from YouTube recommendations.

Mathew Bergendahl

Mathew Bergendahl, Overwatch program manager for Stack Up, talks about supporting veterans through gaming, and how it helps vets returning from combat zones recover through the power of video games.

With more on gaming, we go to DT Gaming Editor Lisa Marie Segarra, who discusses the cancellation of the Game Developers Conference due to the coronavirus.

Michael Slaughter

Nibler then talks with Michael Slaughter, president of the United States Playing Card Company, about how magicians and card artistry are flourishing on social media.

Dr. Niven R. Narain

We then look at the convergence of health and A.I. with Dr. Niven R. Narain, co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of BERG LLC., who discusses using algorithms and biomarkers in the development of drugs.

Finally, we take a look at what’s coming to theaters this weekend and what will be worth your money. This week, we review The Way Back, The Banker, and Onward.

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