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DT Daily: New cars, Apple’s next generation, and the A.I. apocalypse

On Wednesday’s episode of DT Daily, host Greg Nibler and special guest/IT wizard Marie Pardo-Garber spent Halloween morning furiously tearing into the news of the day. The biggest story was Apple’s slate of new releases, announced at an event in New York City yesterday. As expected, Apple announced new models of the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. We’ve been following the rumors about these devices, and they mostly proved correct. The new iPad is eschewing a fingerprint scanner in favor of Face ID, and the new MacBook Air is stripping away the bezels, part of the ongoing effort across the tech world to wipe them out once and for all.

Samsung and Huawei had their own phone news, revealing that, per the rumors, foldable phones are on the way. Meanwhile, LG is keeping mum about whether or not it is working on a foldable phone, but leaks suggest that the company will be jumping into the foldable fray as well. Keep an eye out for reveals at CES 2019.

DT automotive expert Ronan Glon called in from France to discuss some exciting news from the world of cars, including the fabulously fancy McLaren Speedtail, a limited-edition speedster that will make car lovers weep. Ronan also talked about the 2019 Porsche Panamera, a similarly powerful and beautiful sports car.

The Halloween episode took a somewhat spooky turn later when DT’s emerging tech editor, Drew Prindle, joined the show to talk to Charles J. Simon about his new book Will Computers Revolt?, which examines the question of what will happen when (not if) artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. It’s a terrifying scenario, but one society needs to be thinking about. Simon is a software expert with a long history studying artificial intelligence, and his insights into artificial general intelligence (AGI) are fascinating. He examines four different scenarios — some optimistic, others not nearly so much.

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