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DT Daily: New Apple gadgets, TwitchCon memories, the dangers of Instagram

On the one and only fifth episode of DT Daily, host Greg Nibler and guest Adrien Warner tackled the tech news of the day, seeking out the biggest stories and wrestling them into submission. First up: Apple has an event planned for October 30, and word on the street is that the company will unveil a new iPad and a new Macbook, among other things. According to reports, the new iPad will have “squared off” sides like the iPhone SE, a bezel-less screen, and will not have a fingerprint scanner, nor a home button. Users will instead unlock the phone using the Face ID system. As for the new Macbook? It’s still not clear what exactly it will be: Perhaps a new Macbook Mini, or maybe a Macbook Air? There are a number of things Apple could do to bring its laptop designs into the future.

In other news, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, but one Sox fan had to pay a steep price to see it. Robbie Johnson was so hyped to be going to the game that he posted a picture of his ticket on Instagram, barcode included. When he showed up at Fenway Park for the game, his ticket wouldn’t register, and after contacting ticket services, learned that his ticket had already been scanned. Someone used the picture of Johnson’s ticket to get through the scanner. Robbie couldn’t reuse the ticket he paid $650 for, but he did manage to get in … after spending an additional $450 for a new ticket. It’s a costly reminder that posting sensitive information on social media can have consequences.

Greg also talked to Digital Trends Contributing Editor Daven Mathies, who showed off the exciting Moment Anamorphic lens. The lens attaches to a smartphone camera and greatly enhances its abilities, adding width to photos and opening up a variety of techniques that make photos look more cinematic. For a deeper look, check out Daven’s review.

DT’s social media guru Riley Winn flew down to San Jose over the weekend for TwitchCon, a massive convention where popular streamers and the fans who love them gather. Among the many people Riley saw while we has there: Hearthstone legend Kripparrian, and pro Call of Duty player Shroud, who won $100,000 at the Black Ops 4 tournament at TwitchCon.

DT Daily airs at 9 a.m. PT from Monday through Friday, with highlights available on demand after the stream ends. For more information, check out the DT Live homepage, and be sure to watch live for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, among other prizes.

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