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Digital Trends Live: April Fools’ pranks, SodaStream in space, and more

On episode 99 of Digital Trends Live, it may be April Fool’s Day, but hosts Greg Nibler and Sam Slaughter don’t fool around when it comes to seeking out the biggest stories from the world of tech. On today’s episode: Big tech companies celebrated April Fools’ Day with some pranks of their own, Estonia wants to develop an A.I. judge, and a futuristic Jaguar could neutralize superbugs that would normally get in your car.

Nibler spoke to NASA astronaut Scott Kelly about a new project he’s working on with SodaStream, the new, which could eliminate the problem of astronauts imbibing too much CO2…Or was it the first of April?

Elsewhere on the show, Nibler spoke to Ken Manning, the CEO of Outpost, a company focused on “experiential marketing,” which Manning characterizes as “any way that a person can experience your brand.”

Moving out of the business sphere, Nibler interviewed tech journalist Marc Saltzman, talking about the upcoming trends in smart home technology.

Lastly, Nibler spoke to Rick Turoczy, founder of the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), a place where startups can get started.

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