Facebook’s Zuckerberg sets up big meeting over news feed flap

Following allegations that Facebook’s curated “trending topics” news feed was suppressing politically conservative viewpoints and stories, the social network has confirmed to multiple news outlets that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be meeting this week with about a dozen conservative figures to talk about the situation.

According to Politico, Glen Beck and Carly Fiorina are among those on the invite list, along with well-known conservative political advisors and media figures. However, despite the tone of comeuppance the meeting suggests, Facebook continues to refute the bias claim, and several Facebook higher-ups who are conservative figures themselves have come forward to defend the news in the news feed, saying there was no active effort to bias the types of stories listed.

Facebook is also a sponsor of several GOP debates and conventions, and of course, it’s also an open arena where people of every political stripe can go to post their political take on anything and everything. The big meeting is on Wednesday.


It’s clear now that VR is going to be a very big thing, so we’re going to keep you caught up on the latest gear. Check out Starbreeze’s StarVR headset, which just landed Acer as a key partner.

We first saw the StarVR prototype at E3 last year and the finished product render looks like you’ll be looking more like Spaceman Spiff compared to current systems. Inside is where the StarVR really shines, tho, with a 5120 by 1440 resolution that blows away both the Rift and Vive. And now with Acer on board, expect some custom high-powered PCs to pop up soon to power it.

Starbreeze is also planning to launch a VR arcade, called StarCade, of course, for all your VR gaming needs. It all looks and sounds fantastic, but so far, there’s no specific release date for the StarVR headset, but we’d guess it’s gonna be sooner than later.


Remember Google Plus, that hangout-social-we tried-to-be-Facebook thing they did? Yeah, it’s still around for the 10 people that still use it, but Google is trying to get social again with “Spaces.”

According to the official Google blog, Spaces users can easily group-share stuff from search results, YouTube videos, websites and so forth without having to use a bunch of apps. Google says Spaces is rolling out today to iOS, Android and desktops. Will it succeed where Google Plus didn’t? We’ll give it a go and report back.

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