Far Cry 5 focuses its violence on a controversial target: the USA

God, guns and games

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 isn’t set to arrive until February of 2018, but a new trailer for the game that posted up today is raising some eyebrows. The video, which Ubisoft says is made up of edited gameplay footage and has a content warning, shows players taking on a violent religious militia that has taken over part of a fictional town and county in Montana. The clip is narrated by what we can only surmise is the leader of the religious group.

One key image includes the cover, which shows a “last supper” group of armed militia members gathered around a leader sitting above a draped American flag whose stars have been changed to a symbol for the group. A shirtless man with “sinner” written on his back and his arms bound sits at the base of the tableau.

It’s a provocative image, and quite a switch from previous Far Cry settings, which have included tropical islands, the Himalayas and other exotic locales. Gameplay footage includes things like river baptisms and other interesting inclusions as well as some intense violence. We’re interested to see what you think of Far Cry 5’s theme, so hit this link for more information and to watch all the trailers. Be sure to leave us a comment below as well.

Home, home below the screen

The clock is ticking on Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone, which will likely debut in September, and the usually reliable Digitimes is reporting that Apple has finalized or at least overcome one problematic feature that’s been rumored for a while: a sub-screen print reader on the front of the phone where the home button used to be. Digitimes said the information came from a Taiwanese company during a tech symposium on Thursday.

Previous rumors had suggested Apple was having trouble making a sub-screen reader work consistently, but, at least according to this latest rumor about the rumor, it appears they’ve now got it figured out. Just four months to go…

Scoot on down to Electric Avenue

BMW recently rolled out a new Series 8 concept car but a cool new-school concept scooter also caught our eye.

BMW says the electric scoot, called the BMW Motorrad Concept Link is a clean-sheet design that doesn’t use many ideas from gas-powered rides of the past. The Link’s motor is basically built into the back wheel, leaving the frame available for more battery capacity and some stowage areas as well. You pair it with your smartphone of course, for help with navigation and if you want to play some tunes. There also some connected riding apparel in the mix.

It’s just a concept for now, but you can bet BMW – and others – are working hard on being the first to market with a electric scoots that both looks cool and can go the distance.

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