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Google nixes the ‘view image’ button on photo searches after settlement with Getty

Get the picture?

If you’ve ever poked around online looking for a photo of something… or anything, you’ve probably done a Google search, and when you found what you were looking for, you hit “view” to take a closer look. Well, at least you used to.

Google has just canned the “view” button because apparently, people were using it to snag that cat pic instead of going to the site where the cat pic is actually posted and snagging it from there.

Google posted up about their small but important change to image search results on their Google Search Liason twitter feed, saying that the rethink comes in part from their settlement with Getty images this past week over just such an issue: The illegal and uncredited re-use of images, especially those created by professional photographers and media creators.

The internet has sort of been a bane for creative types – including musicians – due to the largely unenforced or maybe even unenforceable copyright violations that go on with photos and music. Will deleting the view button solve the “image” problem? Unlikely, so the search continues at Google and elsewhere on how to protect against the unauthorized use of copyrighted content.

Face, meet (glass) wall

We’ve all heard the old saying “too much of a good thing,” especially when it comes to alcohol and Ben and Jerry’s, but what about…. glass? That appears to be a problem at Apple’s new circular headquarters in Cupertino, with Time magazine reporting that the problem of Apple employees walking into the giant slabs of glass that make up walls and rooms at the spaceship is becoming an actual problem.

Like many of us, Apple employees are often nose-down in their iPhones while walking around at work, and reportedly they’ve been making unwanted contact with the signature translucent slabs that are a design highlight of the giant torus. Some workers started putting stickie notes on the panes to ward off collisions, but they say the notes were removed since it mussed up the design aesthetic of the place. Hey, we get it: but we also get employee safety.

Apple has a thing for glass as we all know, and in 2011 a woman who broke her nose after walking into a glass wall at an Apple Store sued the company, but she settled without Apple having to pay her anything, says Time. So what to do about workers shambling into the clear partitions at the spaceship? There’s gotta be an app for that.

The Panther wakes tonight

We hope you got a chance to read the interview with Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan that we posted up yesterday, but if not, hit the link to do so, and then see if there are any seats left at your local theater for the movie’s big debut tonight.

DT movie guy Rick Marshall got an early look at Black Panther and says it pretty much lives up to the hype, with incredible set pieces, great characters, solid acting, and some brains to go along with the action sequences.

But he’s got a small number of complaints as well, so check out his full review.

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