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Microsoft debuts education-focused ‘Laptop’ laptop, but what did they forget?

Laptop laptop

Microsoft is continuing its renewed push into hardware with the Surface laptop, a new computer that joins the Surface Book and Surface Pro in Redmond’s portable PC lineup. With a base price of a buck under a thousand dollars, the new “Laptop” model is solidly focused on the education market, and DT’s Editor in Chief Jeremy Kaplan was on hand for the rollout and got to spend some time with the new machine.

His takeaway? Nice build quality, solid performance, sharp 13.5-inch screen and a cool fabric-like exterior. It also runs a special “S” version of Windows 10 that has some interesting limitations and curiously, it’s lacking a key port for connecting external devices. There’s much more to it than that though, so hit this link for Jeremy’s hands-on video and first-look review.

Hulu: We’ll do it live

Hulu is hot right now with the popularity of the new political dystopian series The Handmaid’s Tale, and they’ve timed the release of its new Live TV app just about perfectly. The new “Hulu with Live TV” offering works alongside the regular Hulu app, but features a new interface, more personalization and additional features. If you’re already a Live TV subscriber, you can pretty much use the new app for everything, but if you’re not, you’d better hold on to both for now.

We’ve got all the details right here.

A job filled with trigger warnings

If you’re running a gigantic social network with nearly two billion users and hate speech, shocking videos and fake news are growing problems, what do you do? How about hire 3,000 people to police those problematic posts and clean up the mess?

That’s exactly what Facebook says they’re planning on doing. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the 3,000 new hires will join 4,500 people already working on those exact problems, and they’re also working on technology-based solutions as well. One big complaint against Facebook is the amount of time it has taken to remove posts that have included murders, suicides and hate speech. Will nearly 8,000 minders speed up the response time? Time will, indeed, truly tell.

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