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New Microsoft Surface Pro lands with more polish and power, but no pen

Dialing up more Surface action

Microsoft has just rolled out their latest follow-up to the Surface Pro, their top-tier 2-in1 laptop/tablet PC that initially debuted in 2013. In the four years that followed, Redmond’s “Surface” family of devices has gradually expanded, but that first crack at combining a laptop and a tablet proved popular, and now Microsoft has refined both the hardware and the software that make the Pro work.

The new Surface Pro is a little bit thinner and little bit lighter than the original, and it’s packing the latest Core i7 chipset for a 20-percent boost in performance, and Microsoft says it will run for 13 hours on a charge, up from 9 on the original. The click-on Type Cover has also gotten a bit of a makeover, with improved action for the keys and some nice aesthetic upgrades. There’s also an LTE option to give the device more mobile connection options.

You can also use the new Surface Dial with it, and the Surface Pen, while not included, has also gotten several internal performance upgrades. The new Surface Pro is up for preorder now and launches June 15th. Prices start at $800  but option up pretty quickly, so hit this link for all the details.

Those poor lawyers

Tech companies turn out some amazing products, but they also file a lot of lawsuits, which can seem to drag on longer than the lifespan of… whatever they’re suing each other over. However, it looks like Apple and Nokia have decided to bury the hatchet – and strike a new licensing deal at the same time. Fortune says Apple will give Nokia an unspecified cash payment and then, Nokia said it would provide network products and services to Apple.

Apple will also resume carrying Nokia’s digital health products in its retail and online stores, and Fortune says the two companies will work more closely on health monitoring tech going forward. See, it’s much more fun to be friends! Now, if only Apple and Samsung could kiss and make up. Yeah, we won’t hold our breath either.

Little 840hp solo coupe

There’s an old saying in motorsports: if you want to go faster, just add money. Well, if you’ve been saving for the new 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, you’re gonna need a lot of nickels, as Dodge has announced the base price of the car will start at just a tick under $85,000. And again, that’s for the base version of the street-legal dragster, which doesn’t even come with a passenger seat.

Good news though: Adding in the optional three passenger seats, trunk carpet, and a box full of drag race parts will only set you back a buck each, probably because the car costs 85 grand. Of course, there are other more expensive options that will change the Demon into something even grandma would love to drive, including an 18-speaker audio system, heated seats, a sunroof, and even red seat belts.

And, again, with over 800 ponies on tap, those things will hardly slow you down at all. Buckle up.

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