Nintendo’s ‘Arms’ fighting game for the Switch is here to pump you up

Very armed conflict

If you’ve got one of the new Nintendo Switch gaming system, we’ve got a game for you. The just-released “Arms” fighting game is some serious fun, and yep, it’s all about your arms. And, your opponent’s arms. Think boxing with Looney-Toons springs for your arms. You can play against the computer, against friends in person, or against opponents online.

Yes, it will remind you of Nintendo’s famously fun Wii Boxing, but with some serious upgrades. DT staffers have been getting a bit punchy with the game lately, and we’ve got a full review right here. If you feel like getting all up in Arms, you can preorder the game now for about $60, and it’s set to ship on June 16th.

We see fixed iPhone screens on the Horizon

Apple was in a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this year over warranty coverage for iPhones not fixed specifically by Apple, but it seems they’ve now had a change of heart. Reuters reports Apple is going to send out 400 “Horizon Machines” to authorized repair centers so the repairs meet their exacting standards. What’s a Horizon Machine? Reuters says it’s basically a self-contained device that can replace iPhone screens to Apple’s like-new tolerances.

The once-semi-secret machines are heading to 25 different countries, but with 4,800 authorized service centers worldwide, clearly not everyone is going to get one. Apple also told Reuters that phones repaired by authorized vendors that don’t have the machines will be covered under warranty – as long as the repair technician “caused no damage,” which sounds like a LOT of wiggle room to us.

Wake me when it’s time to go to sleep

You know what everyone complains about these days? Sleep. Or, the lack of it. Or the quality of it. Or both. With our on-all-the-time lifestyles, it seems like getting a good night’s rest is harder than ever. So, we’ve put together a list of the best tech that will actually improve your sleep, instead of hindering it (hint: put the phone, TV remote and game controller down).

From high-tech sleep trackers to special mattresses to light bulbs to fitness bands, there’s a growing market of tools out there specifically designed help you get more – and better – sleep. Hit this link for our continuously updated list, and then maybe try to sneak in a nap at work. We won’t tell anyone.

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