No foolin’ – Tesla Model 3 rings up over 100,000 preorders

No foolin, the Tesla Model 3 is here. Well, sort of. You can even order one now, but it won’t show up in your driveway for about a year or so. Pre-orders began last night, and so far, the line is now over 120,000 people long.

As for specs, Elon Musk has only said it will seat five adults, go 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds – which is fast – and there will be upgrade options for more range and performance. Also, last night’s reveal was only “Part 1” of the Model 3 rollout and Musk tweeted that Part 2 will be “super next level,” and since this guy also owns a company that makes rockets, well, that could mean almost anything. Full coverage here.

While April 1st is the day of supreme prankiness, it’s also an important anniversary this year: it’s 40 years to the day since some guys working in a garage filed paperwork to found a little computer company called Apple. That’s right, the two Steves, Wozniak and Jobs, both college dropouts, founded the company on April 1, 1976 with help from Ron Wayne, who sold back his 10 percent stake less than two weeks later for $500.

If he’d kept it, it would be worth $72 billion today. Anyway, you know the Apple story by now, but what does the future hold for the tech behemoth? Some say its best days are over, but with a huge new campus, virtual reality, autonomous cars and who knows what else on the near horizon, there’s no shortage of opportunities for Apple to keep on innovating. Happy Birthday, Apple.

Yes, it’s April Fool’s day but it’s also Friday and that means movie night for a lot of people and the hotly anticipated modern warfare film Eye In The Sky opens today. The story revolves around a drone strike on suspected terrorists with Helen Mirren heading up the effort. It also stars the late Alan Rickman. The problems begin when it appears there’s more than a meeting of terrorists taking place but there’s also a question of collateral damage to contend with.

The preview shows some pretty inspired drone tech, including a humming bird and a flying beetle. But the questions about who’s really in command and who ultimately makes the call on a drone strike have given the movie a 92 percent fresh rating, so if you like action movies that also ask big questions, it looks like your night is all set.

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