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Nvidia unleashes the Titan Xp graphics card – and it’s for Macs too

You won’t believe this headline! (Because you shouldn’t)

Google is joining Facebook in the fight to stomp out “fake news.” Depending on what you search for, Google may include a “Fact Check” tag to give users a heads up that what their reading my not quite be the most accurate piece of journalism floating about on the web. Google says they’re working with to help parse the facts, although it would seem some human element is also likely involved.

Google already uses numerous tags on news stories, including opinion, satire, blog and others. But the next time Uncle Bob says some website has sure-fire proof that Elvis is alive and working in a 7-Eleven in Poughkeepsie, now you’ll have some recourse.

Or wait and see what comes out next month

Nvidia isn’t taking any breaks from the suddenly hot battle in the gaming GPU marketplace. Just a month ago, they released the GTX 1080 Ti to rave reviews. Now, meet the Titan Xp.

No, it’s not mean for use in machines running Redmond’s beloved but ancient version of Windows. In fact, it has a neat trick: it’s Mac compatible. Which Macs? Well, it certainly won’t fit in the current Mac Pro – or any other current Apple computer – so you’ll need a boxy old pre-pro to use it… or perhaps a future Mac Pro that has a bit more internal space. Hint, hint, Apple.

Anyway, the Xp packs more memory, processing power, CUDA cores and bandwidth than the now ancient 1080 Ti, but in truth, only a bit more. Is it worth its steep $1,200 price tag? Check out our first look and then check your bank account.

Social immersion 

The hottest emerging tech in photography and video is 360-degree imaging, and recently, we tested out the Giroptic iO 360 degree camera, a little rig that snaps right onto an iPhone or iPad.

The Giroptic iO has a lightning adapter plug so it’s iOS devices only for now, and we were impressed at how easy it was to use – and how much fun the videos were. No, it’s not 4k video, but it is pretty much HD, and it’s really geared for sharing your pix and videos on social media, and we thought the clips looked great. The app is super easy to use and features some cool options, including 360-degree video livestreaming.

Best of all, it’s just $250 -a far cry from some of the super-spendy 360-degree cameras we’ve seen so far that are much tougher to use. Check out Daven Mathies’ review here.

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