Want a Nintendo NES Classic Mini? Be prepared to pay way more than $60

After the unlucky Note 7, a cutting edge S8?

Samsung says their probe into the what went so terribly wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 is complete, and they will reveal details soon about why some of the flagship phones spontaneously erupted into flames, injuring owners and damaging property, to say nothing of Samsung’s bottom line.

The Korean electronics giant says they’ll release detail from their Note 7 investigation later this month, and meanwhile, they’re focusing on the upcoming Galaxy S8, which they will likely reveal at Mobile World Congress in February. The latest rumors indicate the phone could pack new Bluetooth 5 technology, and Samsung is apparently cracking down to stop the flow of leaks and rumors about the phone.

Pre-release tidbits about smartphones are common these days, whether they’re done on purpose… or are actual leaks, as sometimes happens. We’re keeping track of both kinds on our Samsung S8 rumor mill page, so check it out at this link.

Might as well just round up a clean vintage original NES for that kind of money

Nintendo is looking forward to a blockbuster holiday season, and it’s not due to 3DS sales or a sudden interest in the outgoing Wii U.

No, it’s all about a little piece of retro kit, the $60 Nintendo Classic Mini NES, which packs all of the games and fun from yesteryear into a tiny console that is so popular, it’s pretty much sold out everywhere unless you’re ready to pony up nearly six times the retail price for one on eBay.

So far, the Classic Mini has sold nearly 200,000 units in the U.S. alone in just a month, which is how many Wii U units the company sold in the last six months. And they would have sold more if they could just make them faster. Some retailers do have stock but are doling them out like they were Faberge eggs or something, so if you really, really want one, bring your wallet.

Sorry, no Jar Jar cameos this time around

It is December 16, a date pretty every Star Wars fan has had circled on their calendar for over a year now. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens today and it’s the first non-Lucas Star Wars adventure headed up by Disney. DT’s favorite rebel scum, Rick Marshall, snuck into an early showing to see if it’s worthy of your Imperial credits. Verdict? Well, you’ll have to read the review but suffice to say you won’t be wasting your time.

Is it the best Star Wars movie ever? No, that’s The Empire Strikes Back, but it is a rollicking adventure with a broad cast of new characters and a lot of action, plus, hey, it looks great too. Storm troopers in the tropics? We approve. Check out Rick’s review here.