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Get the AKG N60NC noise-canceling headphones for $118 less on Amazon

Being on the subway, traveling on a plane, or walking through a busy street exposes you to so much noise pollution that’s not only annoying but can also be harmful to your ears in the long run. Sometimes, you just want to immerse yourself in some sweet music. But if the level of background noise is too much, it’s just going to drown out your tunes. What you need is a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, like the AKG N60NC wireless ANC headphones.

This headphone is significantly less pricey than its cousin the AKG N700NC but nevertheless offers almost the same fantastic sound, noise-canceling power, and portability. You can get it on Amazon for $179 – an incredible 39% less than its original price of $300.

The AKG N60NC is made mostly of plastic and frankly, looks quite ordinary. However, it’s not its appearance that counts, but what it can do. Its noise-canceling capability is stupendous. It can eliminate engine and air-conditioning noise but doesn’t give out the same amount of ear pressure that most active noise-canceling headphones generate. You won’t be able to hear people talking when you have these on, and it’s the perfect airline buddy for long flights when you just want to enjoy a movie or two without being bothered.

The earpads are ergonomically shaped for comfort and covered in soft leatherette but the band can squeeze a bit and can be intolerable with prolonged use. We suggest adjusting the band so that it will sit on your head very loosely.

When it comes to sound quality, the AKG N60NC is a knockout. The beauty of this headphone is that its noise canceling is so good that you can listen to music at a low volume and it’ll still sound beautiful without the risk of damaging your ears. It supports both the AAC and aptX codecs for high-quality audio streaming. The sound it produces is a little echoey though because of the headphone’s shape and design, but besides that, the AKG N60NC can make audiophiles cry tears of joy.

Battery life is also exceptional. Its lithium-ion polymer battery can deliver 15 hours of continuous playback when used wirelessly and an incredible 30 hours of playback when wired, even with the ANC turned on. That more than enough time for two trans-Atlantic flights.

The AKG N60NC headphones offer superior sonic performance for $118 less on Amazon. If you’re still not convinced on how good it is, head over to this page for the best noise-canceling headphones for 2019. If it’s too expensive, check out these great headphones under $50.

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