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Amazon axes the price of Craftsman tools and chests for Black Friday

Black Friday sales are everywhere and there’s more in store for Cyber Monday. If you’ve been waiting to score some new tools for an upcoming do-it-yourself project or for some minor fixtures in the house, there is no better time than ever as Amazon axed the prices of select Craftsman items. Some DeWalt power tools are also on sale in case you have quite the handyman of a friend looking to get a wrench kit.

Craftsman home tool kits — 20% off

Having access to a home tool kit is very advantageous when you have to install home improvements or fix things around your house without calling an expert every time. Right now, you can choose to gear up with the 57-piece starter or go for the full 102-piece toolset. Both of which come in a durable blow case for easy storage and mobility, and include more or less the same tools.

Each variant would include a fiberglass hammer and bi-material screwdrivers that are solid and comfortable to the grip and are likewise well-made to decrease fatigue during use. You’ll also have a slip-joint, groove joint, and pliers for increased access in tight spaces. And so you won’t have trouble deciphering which is which, each tool is fully polished with large markings for corrosion resistance and easy identification.

  • 57 pieces (12 quarter-inch drive tools; 45 specialty tools) — $39 ($10 off)
  • 102 pieces (21 quarter-inch drive tools; 21 three-eighths-inch drive tools; 60 specialty tools) — $79 ($20 off)

Craftsman tool chests — up to 48% off

If you already have the tools you need, you can keep your work station organized with either a tool chest or tool cabinet from Craftsman. Like the home tool kits mentioned above, these two items mainly differ in size and capacity. That said, both the tool chest and the tool cabinet are 26-inches wide, lockable, and built to last with an 18-20 gauge double-wall I-frame. Each would also have 100-pound soft-close ball-bearing drawers along with drawer liners to help keep everything in place. Each would likewise have a provision for a power strip with USB ports.

If you only need to store tools that are more or less 100 pounds, the tool chest should be enough. The tray at the top might as well be big enough to serve as your work station while two gas struts hold its lid up. It also comes with four drawers and tool organizers to segregate small tools.

The tool cabinet, on the other hand, would be a reasonable choice if your entire collection of tools would weigh about 1,500 pounds. And with that many tools, you’ll surely be able to maximize the fifth drawer. You need not worry about carrying all that weight with 5.2-inch caster wheels that enable you to just roll with it and a lid stiffener for extra stability.

  • Tool Chest — $269 instead of $500 (46% off)
  • Tool Cabinet — $309 instead of $599 (48% off)

Note that these two items are frequently bought together and placed one on top of the other. Both items are both eligible for an additional $60 discount after being approved for an Amazon Rewards Visa card.

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