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Does Amazon do Black Friday deals? Everything you need to know

Laptop on Amazon surrounded by boxes of tech gear.

With retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and many others dropping their Black Friday deals this week or earlier, it begs the question, what about Amazon? Whether you’ve been paying attention or not, there have been some pretty amazing Amazon Black Friday deals across a host of categories. From computers and video games to toys and apparel, there’s sure to be something on sale for everyone. Since many of those deals are already live, and you can shop them now, you can always start browsing on your own. Alternatively, you can keep reading to learn more about Amazon’s Black Friday festivities and what that means for you!

Amazon does do Black Friday deals

As we’ve firmly established, Amazon does indeed celebrate Black Friday, offering some of the best Black Friday deals out there on on TVs, smart home tech, apparel, and much more. In fact, like many retailers, Amazon has been offering Black Friday deals super early this year — many have been live for some time now. You can start shopping right now, if you haven’t been already, which we recommend doing! Inventory is low this year for a lot of items — we’ll dig more into why below — so if you find something you’re interested in or really want, you should take ful ladvantage of any discounts! There’s no telling when that hot item is going to be sold out, or when the deal will be unavailable!

You need to shop the Amazon Black Friday deals now

The microchip shortage has caused quite a ruckus in the consumer electronics market and beyond. We’re seeing manufacturing delays, shipment delays, and many more problems on top of additional supply chain issues. The result is that inventory is really low for certain items, and when they go out of stock, there’s no telling when it will be available again. Black Friday deals also dropped earlier than ever this year, and things have been selling out quickly! Now’s the perfect time to get great prices on whatever you’ve been looking for, and if you find items in stock, you’ll want to jump on the opportunity!

If you’re worried about buying too early and missing out on great deals later, don’t be. The major retailers have extended holiday returns windows to accommodate the early deals. Amazon, for example, has extended its return period until January 2022. If you buy something between now and then, and it goes on sale for cheaper later, you can always return and rebuy it for the better price, or get a refund for the price difference. But if you wait and a better deal shows up later, there’s no guarantee there will be enough items in stock! Buy now, while the items are available, and worry about getting the best possible deal later. It’s unlikely we’ll see price drops larger than what’s available now.

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