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Amazon still offering Black Friday prices on its Echo smart speakers

The Black Friday sale may have come and gone, but the massive discounts on smart home devices are here to stay. If you’ve finally decided to outfit your home with smart functionalities, check out these spectacular deals we found on Echo smart speakers. Amazon has the prices of the third-generation Echo and Echo Dot slashed by up to 56%.

These Echo smart speakers have the voice assistant Alexa built-in, providing the ability to answer questions, check the news, make phone calls, and so much more. You can even use it to control your entire smart home, such as locking the doors, turning on the coffee maker, or switching on the lamp. There’s also the Alexa Guard feature which provides smart alerts in case smoke alarms or sounds of glass breaking are detected, as well as the Alexa for Kids for kid-friendly use. Both devices are equipped with a 3.55 mm output jack, so you can hook them to an external speaker to boost sound quality.

Echo Dot (Third Generation) – Up to 56% Off

The Echo Dot is an affordable entryway into the smart home ecosystem. With the latest model, Amazon expands upon the strong points of the previous generation and made it bigger and more powerful in terms of audio quality. Inside is a large speaker that leaks out audio through multiple ports, producing an impressive sound quality with clearer midrange and vocal timbre as well as smoother treble. All these make the Dot pleasant to listen to even at full volume.

Compact and cute in its hockey-puck shape, the Echo Dot blends in nicely anywhere you put it in. It flaunts an array of control buttons and four microphone holes, plus a cloth-covered finish available in various colors.

The Echo Dot family has recently welcomed a new device, which carries a similar design and similar features with the addition of new convenient extras. A LED display is now integrated into and behind the fabric cover, and it can automatically adjust the brightness depending on the room’s lighting. There’s no screen to stare at, but it can conveniently show you the time, temperature, and a countdown if you have Alexa set as a timer.

Both the third-generation Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock are discounted at the moment, at $22 and $35 as their respective sale prices.

Echo Dot – $22, was $50

Echo Dot with Clock – $35, was $60

Echo (Third-Generation) – 40% Off

If you’re after a smart speaker with richer audio that is capable of covering larger rooms, consider the Echo instead. It’s equipped with a much beefier audio hardware that’s more suitable for delivering the needed audio experience to blanket those areas. It only improves upon the Echo’s already great sound performance, thanks to the larger, higher-quality, 360-degree speaker. Upgrades also include Dolby processing which enables the production of crisper vocals and stronger, more dynamic bass.

In terms of aesthetics, the Echo boasts the same minimal feel of the Echo Dot. It has a short, pillar-like build with a control layout at the top surface, plus a fabric-covered finish available in stunning colors. You can order this highly rated smart speaker for only $60 instead of the usual $100 on Amazon.


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