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Keep your coffee hot with this temperature-controlled Ember Mug — now $60 off

Ember Technologies

No one wants a cold cup of joe but it’s so easy to end up with one. When you’re busy juggling video calls and your kids keep grabbing your attention, your rejuvenating cup of coffee can easily be forgotten for too long. That’s where the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug will save the day, and it’s heavily discounted at Best By for one day only.

Priced at $90, down a massive $60 from the usual $150, the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug is the best beverage-related purchase you’ll ever make. Using an application for your smartphone, you can create temperature presets so that your hot drink is kept at the ideal temperature for you right until the very last drop. Want to adjust the heat? Simply rotate the dial and Ember keeps things just right.

The mug holds 12 fl. oz and it’s just the right size for using around the house or for when you want to take your coffee with you so you can sip at your favorite drink while you wait for your curbside pick-up at the store. It looks stylish, too, so you won’t feel awkward using it on your daily walks or activities.

It has a built-in battery that will keep your drink hot for about 2 hours on a single charge with a neat charging coaster also available to recharge it. Crucially, if your charging coaster is on your home office desk, it’ll keep your drink warm all day long. Not that we’d expect your cup of joe to last that long through a busy working day.

It has a dishwasher-safe lid with the body being hand wash only, but it only takes moments to adequately clean. There are customization options as well, courtesy of the smartphone app so you can ‘name’ your mug, as well as adjust notification preferences, and you can tweak the temperature via the app as well as physically.

For the coffee lover, it’s a no-brainer of a purchase and the Best Buy offer only runs until April 2. With a 40% saving, it’s a massive price cut at $90 instead of $150. It’s the perfect ‘treat yourself’ moment.

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