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This Facebook Portal 10-inch just got a crazy price cut at QVC

Facebook Portal 10-inch 2019 AR
John Velasco / Digital Trends

The new year can be a great time to scoop up deals on the latest tech, including incredibly helpful smart home gear that can revolutionize how you manage your day — just check out these Amazon Echo deals. But right now, at QVC, you can score a Facebook Portal 10-inch for $50 off! If you shop now, you can get it for only $150; that’s 25% off its original price of $200. That’s a huge discount on a little screen that can change your day-to-day in a big way.

In these challenging times, you may have noticed that you’re spending no small amount of time on video calls with family, friends, work, you name it. Well, Facebook is here to help with its Facebook Portal, which gives you a 10-inch screen with amazing video and audio quality (there are fun AR effects for the video too) to make easy video calls from wherever. It’s also Alexa compatible, so it can not only help connect you with the world, but help run your day, and your home.

It is important to note that if you’re going to invest in Facebook Portal you should know that you need to be an active Facebook user for it to have much use to you. To engage the Portal’s most basic functions, you need to login to your Facebook account (and, similarly, you need an Amazon account to use the Alexa features). This latter function can be superbly helpful — for everything from discovering the weather to getting news updates to controlling smart home gadgets throughout your home; all with your voice.

The key function of the Portal is the ability to communicate and video chat through Facebook Messenger. There’s a 13-megapixel camera, as well as some A.I. magic and a 114-degree field of view, to help accommodate (you don’t have to sit or stand directly in front of it; the camera adjusts). And both the mics and the sound are fantastic. Speaking of which, whether you’re playing music or chatting to mom, there’s a pair of front-firing speakers and a rear woofer to deliver precise, crystal clear notes with great bass. It works great as a photo display too, with its 1,280 x 800 display offering the same compelling qualities as the Nest Hubs’ display (Portal’s adaptive display adjusts its presentation of photos to color and lighting of the room, so they look like real photos in a frame). So it looks good in every room.

With the holidays in our rearview mirrors, it’s surprising that the deals keep coming. It’s a great time to revolutionize your smart home with Amazon Echo deals, or this heavily discounted Facebook Portal 10-inch from QVC. A $150, it’s $50 off its regular price of $200. That’s a great deal.

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