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Get a Honeywell portable air conditioner for 30% less on Amazon

Has the summer heat got you caught up in a sticky situation? The season may be great for outdoor adventures or cookouts but with the unprecedented rise in temperature, you may find yourself exhausted from perspiring. If central air conditioning is way over your budget and window air conditioners are out of the question, a portable air conditioner may just be the answer to instant relief. Lucky for you, you can get the Honeywell portable air conditioner (HL10CESWK) for 30% less on Amazon. This price cut makes it available for $350 instead of the typical $500 list price. You may even push your luck further by knocking off another $50 on top of the sale price by applying for an Amazon Rewards Visa card.

The HL10CESWK is part of Honeywell’s Contempo series which means that apart from being a portable AC, it also functions as a dehumidifier and a fan. Packed with 10,000 BTU, this unit has a cooling capacity fit for rooms ranging from 350 to 700 square feet. It is advisable that you consider the BTU, or British Thermal Unit, in your purchase as it corresponds to a particular floor area, so the higher it is, the larger its coverage. Since high humidity can be a cause of discomfort as well as risks to health, you can bank on its dehumidifier to clear up to 111 pints of moisture along with other impurities in the air such as dust, pet dander, and hair thanks to the washable dual filtration system. Its three-speed fan, on the other hand, may help prevent the room from being stuffy right from the get-go.

If you’re concerned about having to go back and forth to drain this unit, you don’t have to worry about it as the AC makes for continuous bucketless operation through its self-evaporation system. This feature also allows you to maximize its “set it and forget it” function that allows you to control your room’s climate through its intuitive Smart Digital Thermostat system. Should you wish to stay comfortably relaxed where you are in the room, settings can be changed with the remote included.

Portability is the value it holds over traditional air conditioners, Honeywell’s HL10CESWK integrated wheels into its design for ease in mobility as you move it from room to room. It also makes for a quick installation without having to call for your local handyman’s expertise, all accessories are included in the kit and well suited to either horizontal or vertical window orientations.

The Honeywell portable air conditioner (HL10CESWK) lets you sleep soundly without you having to worry about it overheating and it only emits 49 to 52 decibels at the highest speed. Money isn’t all that you save with Amazon’s 30% discount, getting this unit will also help you become more efficient when it comes to energy consumption especially when it’s on sleep mode.

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