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Wake up with the dimmable Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant, now just $60

Lenovo Smart Clock
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Start your morning routine with a sophisticated bedside companion. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant does everything your smartphone does for you when you wake up – and more. You can get this smart alarm clock from Walmart or Best Buy at a discounted price of $60 before school starts.

The feature-packed Lenovo Smart Clock usually goes for $80, but you can save $20 on this budget-friendly smart clock when you get it from Walmart or Best Buy today. Place your order now while stock is on hand and start the new school year right.

Transition from sleep to wakefulness naturally with the Lenovo Smart Clock. Its gentle wake-up feature gradually brightens the device’s screen 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. Your Smart Clock will also do the same to any connected smart light. Just tap the screen anywhere once to snooze and twice to turn off your alarm.

Turning off your alarm will instantly launch the Lenovo Smart Clock into your customized morning routine. You can set it up to tell yourself your day’s reminders and schedules, the weather forecast, relevant commuting information, and more. And at night, this device can also help you wind down. Tell it to activate your Good Night routine to automatically dim the lights, play music, and generate suggested wake-up times based on your daily events.

If you have an existing smart home setup, you can use the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant to control your smart appliances using voice commands. Imagine being able to lock all your doors at night, turn on the coffee maker in the morning, or check on your child, all from your bed. You just might find its smart home hub pulldown menu limited compared to the Lenovo Smart Display, Echo Spot or Google Home Hub.

The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is a great back-to-school gift for both college students and parents with kids in school. Get this usually $80 smart home device from Walmart or Best Buy today for only $60. Order now while the deal is still available.

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