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This software protects you against identity theft, hacking, and more

Brothers bonding looking at phone safely thanks to MTP.

If you’re looking for the best antivirus software, McAfee is always a reliable name. With its latest security features offering full protection for an unlimited number of devices, McAfee Total Protection Ultimate is a foolproof way to keep you and your family safe while online. And when we say full protection, we really mean it. Here’s a look at what you get when you buy McAfee Total Protection.

The best antivirus software doesn’t solely protect you against viruses anymore. Sure, McAfee Total Protection is fantastic at that. It offers multiplatform compatibility with the ability to monitor and scan for viruses before quarantining and removing them. In fact, McAfee is so confident in its protection, that it boasts a Virus Protection Pledge to remove viruses on your devices or give you your money back.

McAfee offers more than just antivirus, though. Identity theft is a growing problem so McAfee Total Protection Ultimate monitors the dark web 24/7 for your identity and personal details. Its new Personal Data Cleanup feature is even able to find out which high-risk data broker sites are selling your personal information online, in order to remove it. McAfee Total Protection Ultimate also includes up to $1 million for lawyer fees, travel expenses, lost wages, and more. That even includes up to $10K in reimbursements for stolen funds. But that’s not all.

There’s also lost wallet protection which helps you cancel and replace your ID, credit, and debit cards with minimal effort if they’re ever lost or stolen. It also helps prevent unauthorized people from opening accounts in your name by establishing a security freeze.

Virus protection and identity theft coverage — what more could you need? Well, McAfee Total Protection builds on its all-in-one protection promise with a secure VPN. Using a VPN allows you to connect safely to public Wi-Fi without compromising your personal data, and with almost 50 server locations, McAfee offers VPN stability and fast connection speeds, whether you’re at home or traveling the world. It’s such a simple step, but by putting a layer of security between you and your internet connection, you ensure your online activity remains private and your sensitive information secure. Even better, McAfee will automatically turn on VPN if you’re on an unprotected network, giving you and your family a safer online experience.

McAfee Total Protection Ultimate combines the power of award-winning antivirus, a smart VPN that turns on when you need it, and hands-on identity protection and restoration to provide the online safety and peace of mind you deserve. Get all of these features, and more, for $85 off your first year. It’s a truly great way to take back control of your personal privacy and data. Sign up to safeguard your household now before you miss out on this great offer.

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