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Prime Day: Beatbot’s best-selling pool vacuums are at lowest prices of the year

Beatbot AquaSense smart robot S pathing from pool vacuum deals

Pool cleaners can be expensive, and that’s before you start looking into smart systems with built-in innovative technology. But the prices are warranted by intelligent, time-saving technologies and features. Beatbot’s advanced offerings are at the forefront, offering options like the industry’s first pool robot with a simulated flight propulsion design and the industry’s first smart return and surface parking system. That’s precisely why it’s big news that the company is rolling out its biggest pool vacuum deals of the year for Prime Day. From July 6 until July 17, you can capitalize on massive discounts of up to $440 off Beatbot’s best robotic pool vacuum cleaners. Basically, we’re saying if you have a pool, now’s the time to shop for an exceptional cleaner.

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Why you should shop Beatbot’s innovative collection of Prime Day pool cleaner deals

As far as high-end and innovative robotic vacuum cleaners go, Beatbot has a stranglehold over the industry. From its first all-in-one intelligent pool-cleaning robot, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, to the “world’s best” intelligent cordless pool cleaner, the Beatbot AquaSense, you can be sure you’re getting some of the best for your personal oasis. The idea is simple: You drop it into your pool, and it cleans thoroughly. That’s it!

Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the world’s first cordless robotic pool cleaner that cleans not only the pool floor, walls and waterline but also skims the surface and purifies water. Also, it’s the first and only robot currently that can automatically go back to the water surface near the edge for easy retrieval.

When the AquaSense cleaners are done, you simply remove them, empty the debris, and let it charge for use another time. You can also choose between several cleaning modes, with powerful, intelligent cleaning administered through Beatbot’s intuitive mobile app to get rid of any solid nasties in your pool.

Advanced pathing technology allows the robots to move around and navigate the pool with incredible precision. Their propulsion design allows them to float and skim the water’s surface for added debris. The AquaSense Pro, for example, is outfitted with integrated smart chips and 20 different sensors, plus nine motors and a brushless main-pump motor to deliver 5,500 GPH of suction power. In layman’s terms, it means a smart robot pool vacuum and a much better and more thorough cleaning for your pool.

For Prime Day, from July 6 to July 17, you can save big on Beatbot’s AquaSense systems — you’re getting up to $440 off some of the best pool vacuum deals out there. Moreover, you’ll also receive a 1-year extended warranty with your purchase until July 31. Now’s an excellent time to get that advanced vacuum you’ve always wanted. Come on, you know you’re tired of cleaning out the bottom of your pool or skimming the surface for bugs and leaves. I know I am.

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