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Roborock robot vacuums deals at Amazon: Save up to $240

Roborock S6 MaxV
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In recent years, Black Friday has been the time to get the best deal on a robot vacuum cleaner, and indeed we saw some great robot vacuum deals this year. But as we know, this holiday season is unlike other years, and we’ve discovered that it’s still possible to find an equally fantastic deal on a robot vacuum this week. Amazon is discounting nearly the entire line of Roborock vacuums, with discounts of up to $240 off list price when you click to apply the coupon, so no matter which model you choose, you’re getting a good deal. These deals match those that we saw on Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean they will be around for long; Amazon coupons can expire without notice, so if you have a robot vacuum on your shopping list, best to scoop up one of these deals before they’re gone.

The Roborock S-series vacuum models highlighted below all have LiDAR navigation, multi-floor mapping, and map-saving, as well as virtual no-go barriers and no-mop zones. They can run for up to three hours between battery charges when in quiet mode, and automatically return to their docking stations when they need to recharge. The primary difference between the Roborock S6 MaxV and the S6 is the obstacle recognition and avoidance feature and the mopping system. The Roborock S6 MaxV recognizes and avoids common home obstacles such as shoes and even pet accidents, has greater motor suction power, and an even bigger water tank for mopping. If you have kids or pets and need a hand dealing with the messes that come with them, this premium Roborock model will give you a convenient, fuss-free cleaning experience.

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Roborock S6 — $420, was $650

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The Roborock S6 is a smart choice if you wish to automate your vacuuming and mopping. This robot vacuum is equipped with a 32-bit processor that allows it to calculate the most efficient route for cleaning a room. It can also differentiate between your rooms so that you can schedule it to clean just one room or multiple rooms in your preferred sequence as well as set cleaning levels for each space. This vacuum also lets you set up virtual walls to designate no-go zone areas, plus its LiDAR scanning allows it to recognize different levels of your home and each level’s customized no-go zones and no-mop zones. It also knows where it is at all times and can avoid trouble spots, stairs, and other pitfalls. If all that weren’t enough, it also has voice control via Amazon Alexa.

Even better, it’s a powerful cleaning machine. Fueled by a fan spinning 15,000 rpm, the S6 vacuum has 2000Pa of motor suction power. This is coupled with a brush that spins at 1,300 rpm and an E11-rated filter that captures 95% of allergens. Yet, at only 67 decibels, it is remarkably quiet. And if you wish to give your hardwood floors a bright shine, just snap on the mop attachment.

The Roborock S6 has a list price of $650, but Amazon has reduced the cost to $420. That’s a total savings of $230, more than 35% off.

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Roborock S6 Pure — $360, was $600

While the Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum has many of the same features as the Roborock S6 for smart cleaning—the 32-bit processor for efficient routing; LiDAR scanning for discerning different levels of your home; the ability to avoid trouble spots and obstacles; and voice control via Amazon Alexa—Roborock has refined the S6 Pure for users with more hardwood floors than carpets. It has reduced the size of the dustbin slightly to allow room for a larger 180ml water tank, which enables S6 Pure to mop 1,600 square feet in a single run. However, this machine still has plenty of oomph for vacuuming, with a brush that spins at 1,300 rpm, an E11-rated filter for capturing allergens, and a fan spinning at 15,000 rpm to generate 2000Pa of motor suction power.

The Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner usually sells at a list price of $600, but Amazon is taking $240 off for a price of just $360. That’s 40% off.

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Roborock S6 Max V — $600, was $750

Roborock’s flagship model, the Roborock S6 MaxV is the S-series most sophisticated robot vacuum. It features twin-camera navigation, as well as a Qualcomm APQ8053 chip and Reactive AI obstacle avoidance. These features give the vacuum greater sensitivity when it comes to recognizing obstacles so that it can estimate their location and guide itself around them. It is a highly secure machine too, having been certified by TUV Rheinland as a safe smart home product. Its infrared imaging helps it recognize obstacles in a low-light environment, for example when you’re cleaning in the dark. And like the other models, it has LiDAR scanning so it can recognize different levels of your home and each level’s customized no-go zones and no-mop zones, as well as voice control via Amazon Alexa.

The real selling point of the MaxV is its cleaning power. It has 2500Pa of motor suction power, 25% more than the S6 and S6 Pure. Meanwhile, at 67 decibels, it is still ultra-quiet. Plus, it’s mopping water tank is more than twice the size of the S6, enabling it to clean up to 2,150 square feet in one go.

Fortunately, Amazon is discounting the MaxV as well. When you click to apply the coupon, you will knock $150 off its list price of $750, for a savings of 20%.

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