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Best Buy knocks $10 off the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K — now only $40

Roku home screen

Ahead of Labor Day, Best Buy has cut the price of its Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K by $10, bringing it down to just $40. If you’re looking for a new streaming solution, this is one of the best Roku deals out there at the moment and it’s sure to improve your viewing experience. It’s just one of the many early Labor Day sales we’re seeing pop up in the run-up to the big holiday.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K offers everything you could need from a streaming stick. Simply slot it into your TV, connect to your Wi-Fi, and you can start streaming your favorite shows within seconds. It promises a strong signal at all times and it’s lightweight and portable enough that it’s ideal if you want to take it away with you any time you head on vacation or for a business trip.

Through the device, you can stream seemingly every form of content imaginable. There are thousands of movies, TV shows as well as music via a wide range of apps including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, HBO, Showtime, as well as Sling, Hulu with Live TV, and the Roku Channel. You won’t be short of ways to stream content here. Thanks to the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K supporting 4K, you can watch much of this content in glorious 4K with HDR backing it up and making the picture look far more vibrant.

The device comes with a voice remote which is great for when you prefer to say what you need rather than pressing buttons, but it also offers a fully fledged mobile app so you can use your smartphone, too. Through the app, you can easily stream video, music, and photos to your TV, too. It’s a great all-around streaming device that’s sure to improve your home’s entertainment.

Ordinarily priced at $50, the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K is just $40 right now as part of Best Buy’s early Labor Day sales. With a saving of $10, this is the ideal time to discover just how great Roku streaming sticks can be for your home. We know you won’t be disappointed. Grab one now while stock lasts.

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