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Sonos Sale: Huge discounts on Sonos Beam, Sonos One, and Sonos One SL

While we’re stuck at home working or studying (or both), it’s important to keep ourselves amused. You know, to avoid blowing our brains out. Try listening to some dance music and work up a sweat to release the happy hormones! If you don’t have a speaker or a soundbar, might we suggest these ones from Sonos? The Sonos One SL is a remarkably powerful wireless speaker that can be used solo or stereo paired to add to your Sonos home theatre set-up. Or if you want the added convenience of Alexa alongside superb acoustics, take a look at the Sonos One Gen 2 smart speaker. Do you desire an even louder and more impressive sound plus Alexa integration? We recommend getting the Sonos Beam soundbar. Save up to $50 when you buy them today.

Sonos One SL — $129, was $179

The Sonos One SL is a solid sonic win from the American audio company, blending killer sound and a sleek and compact design. It looks identical and even works with the Sonos One smart speaker (see below), which we deemed as practically perfect. But it comes at a lower cost, and for that Sonos had to take away its Alexa integration. Which is fine because having two smart speakers doesn’t make much sense. Oh, and it’s not Bluetooth-capable but instead needs to be hooked up to your home Wi-Fi network for it to work. Right now, the Sonos One SL is on sale at Adorama for $129 instead of $179 — a terrific $50 off.

The SL One is designed for both Sonos system integration and solo use, meaning you don’t have to pair it with another Sonos speaker. On its own, it works wonderfully well, with a rumbling bass that’s agile, punchy, and remarkably substantial for a speaker of its size. Its sophisticated sound signature reminded us a lot of, well, the Sonos One. This is all thanks to two custom-tuned amplifiers, a downward-firing tweeter, and built-in mid-woofer, which all work together to provide an ultra-wide soundscape that can get incredibly loud without any distortions. Featuring 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access numerous music services through it. It also has built-in AirPlay 2 connectivity for controlling it remotely and streaming directly from your phone.

The Sonos One SL is a fantastic wireless speaker that works great on its own or integrated into your home theater setup. Get it for just $129 on Adorama today.

Sonos One (Gen 2) — $149, was $199

The Sonos One, now on its second iteration, is probably the smartest smart speaker out there. Setting it up is foolproof, the Sonos version of Alexa is remarkably intelligent, and its sound quality is among the best we’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, just like the Sonos One SL, you can’t stream music on it via Bluetooth (you can only use it for setting it up), the sole reason why we didn’t give it a perfect five-star rating. Other than that, we think the Sonos One is the perfect smart speaker, and right now you can get it on Adorama for a cool $50 less. Make it the sonic star of your home theatre setup for $149 instead of $199.

The Sonos One is a reimagined version of its popular Play:1 speaker but with faster internals and easier configuration process. Setting it up is blissfully easy to do, which involves connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network by following the simplest of walkthroughs on the mobile app. Once you’ve assigned this speaker to a particular room in your house (Living Room, Bedroom, Den, Kitchen, you get the idea), you can marvel at how Sonos’ version of Alexa can get your favorite tracks to play in the right place every single time without fail. Say, “Alexa, play my ’90s divas playlist in the kitchen,” and the Sonos speaker in your kitchen will begin blasting Whitney and Mariah songs in seconds. It also doesn’t even matter if your music is blaring at maximum volume. As long as you’re within earshot, the Sonos One’s built-in microphones will be able to hear each and every one of your requests.

The Sonos One is easily one of the best-sounding compact multiroom wireless speakers right now, with a powerful pulsating bass that doesn’t overpower the clarity and beauty of the mids and highs. Get it on Adorama today for a reasonable price of $149.

Sonos Beam — $349, was $399

The Sonos Beam is the soundbar of the future, a potent hybrid of a soundbar and smart speaker that’s all Sonos. It promises to provide your home entertainment center with a rich cinematic sound plus Alexa-powered voice control. Best of all, it comes with a sticker price that won’t break the bank. You can get the Beam today at Adorama for the discounted price of $349 instead of $399.

The Beam boasts a center-mounted tweeter, four full-range woofers, and three passive bass radiators that combined together provide an impressive room-filling sound that’s surprising for its relatively tiny dimensions. Sonos claims that the Beam’s sound signature is designed to enhance dialogue, and we can attest that this is absolutely true. Words uttered by characters sound almost suspended in mid-air just in front of our TV’s screen, never drowned out even if the musical score booms at its loudest. Aside from the pristine quality it lends to dialogue, the Beam’s sounds equally great for music. Well, almost. It has a slightly more boxed-in sound, probably due to a mid-bass hump that adds to the illusion of deep bass, which seems to compromise the openness in the lower midrange. Still, it’s a terrific sound that a lot of people will appreciate, especially those who love orchestral music.

Alexa is no longer considered a novelty but her integration in soundbars is relatively new. Using voice command, you can play a movie in the living room, a podcast in the kitchen, or stream any song everywhere when you set up multiple speakers. During our test, the Beam’s far-field microphones proved accurate and had no problem hearing our requests even if the music was blaring at max volume.

The Sonos Beam delivers a surprisingly powerful sound despite its slim and unobtrusive body. As the cherry on top of an already fantastic cake, you get the voice control of your home entertainment system as well. Get it for $349 on Adorama today.

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