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Toshiba 32-inch Smart TVs just got a $50 price cut at Best Buy

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas and the holiday season, we’re seeing some impressive discounts on everything from earphones to the best TVs. It’s like Cyber Week never ended at the big retailers; just check out these Best Buy TV deals. In fact, Best Buy just slashed $50 offthis Toshiba 32-inch Class LED HD Smart FireTV. It’s down to $129, from its regular price of $179. That’s next to nothing for an impressive Smart TV.

The great thing about the Fire TV Editions from Toshiba is how it acts as an access point for all your favorite shows and films. Something that can be really frustrating for casual and regular viewers alike is the need to switch between over-the-air TV and our streaming channels. We want to watch what we want, when we want it, and all the switching back and forth can make us nuts. With Fire TV Edition, both streaming and regular TV are integrated, taking away all that stress and delivering your content instantly. It’s amazing for sports fans, gamers, and especially families with different content priorities.

We also love the amazing visuals served up by the 32-inch Toshiba Class LED HD Smart FireTV. In a world of 65 and 75-inch TVs, 32 inches doesn’t sound like very much. But it’s actually a perfect size for a bedroom, smaller living room, or apartment. It can serve all the content you want, and not dominate the room, or your home design. It’s there when you want it and disappears when you don’t. Plus, the clearest action, brightest colors, and most nuanced tones will come to you in 720p resolution HD.

On top of all this, this TV comes with a voice remote integrated with Alexa, letting you get to your favorite content using only your voice (no more tap tap tapping to spell out search words). And, for ease of use, they’ve provided three HDMI ports, so you can have your favorite devices and consoles all hooked up at once. This HD TV takes care of everything, and for only $129. That’s unbelievable.

There are some amazing Best Buy TV deals to browse, and the price ranges and quality in the category are huge. But it’s unlikely you’ll find a deal as cheap as this Toshiba 32-inch Class LED HD Smart FireTV for $129. It’s $50 offof its regular price of $179, which was already incredibly cheap.

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