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Get total protection with Trend Micro Premium Security Suite

Almost everything we do today is connected to the internet, from our cars to our televisions. The recent increase in remote work and study has only added to our dependence on the web, but students and professionals aren’t the only ones who have been busy online — cybercriminals and other bad actors have also taken full advantage of the fruits of our digital age, and it’s more important than ever to take steps to protect yourself and your family from today’s threats. Thankfully, you don’t have to hire a professional or shell out a small fortune to get a comprehensive software solution: Trend Micro’s Premium Security Suite does it all for you, and for a limited time, you can sign up and grab a one-year subscription for more than 50% off.

Trend Micro has a pretty wide umbrella of security apps, and its Premium Security Suite is the company’s most comprehensive package. It consists of six modules, each of which acts as a barrier against specific threats to give you multi-layered protection against viruses, spyware, identity theft, and more. For on-device protection, Trend Micro’s Premium Security Suite has you covered with its Maximum Security and Mobile Security apps. These protect your Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices against malware such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware. These also provide real-time security for your personal information as you browse (useful for shopping, paying bills, and managing your personal accounts) and automatically detect and block potentially malicious websites.

The Trend Micro Premium Security Suite is more than just anti-malware: It also includes a secure password manager to make your account logins safer and easier (and so you’re not using the same password for everything, which is a boon for cybercriminals), dark web ID monitoring that will alert you if your personal data or other credentials end up in the wrong hands, and premium assistance from Trend Micro professionals anytime you need it. Another great feature is Trend Micro’s VPN Proxy One Pro. This provides a secure VPN when you’re using public Wi-Fi, encrypting and routing your connection through a secure tunnel so that none of your data gets leaked to anybody who might be snooping traffic on these easily-accessed public wireless networks.

Trend Micro Premium Security also includes parental controls which make it easy for you to manage your kids’ screen time and online activities while also allowing them to browse and use the web safely. That it works with Chrome OS is one of our favorite things about Trend Micro software, as many antivirus software suites only work with Windows and MacOS. Considering that Chromebooks are very common for students and kids, this Chrome OS compatibility is very important.

Your Trend Micro Premium Security Suite subscription is for one year and allows you to cover up to 10 devices, so you’ve got plenty of protection for yourself and your family. A one-year subscription would normally cost you $130, but for a limited time, Trend Micro is offering the Premium Security Suite for just $60 — a 53% savings of $70. That’s a great deal on one of our favorite security software packages, and one that can protect you against virtually all the online threats you’re likely to encounter today (and with some other great features included as well).

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