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Tom Brady uses these high-tech sheets for muscle pain, and they’re on sale now

Under Armour Recovery SheetsAnyone who runs, plays sports, wins Super Bowls, lifts weights, or regularly engages in other intense physical activity is familiar with the beast known as “DOMS,” or delayed onset muscle soreness. There are many methods that lifters and athletes, like 6-time champion Tom Brady, employ to alleviate this soreness, from foam rollers to whey protein shakes, but the best way to help your muscles recover is to simply get a good night’s sleep (which is when your body does most of its healing and rebuilding).

Leave it to Under Armour to take this a step further, with technology that can enhance your recovery even more while you sleep. Under Armour Recovery Sheets designed to aid 41-year-old quarterback, Tom Brady feature a unique fabric design that can speed your body’s post-workout healing process, and they’re on sale right now on Under Armour’s website at discounts of up to $87.

At first glance, Under Armour Recovery Sheets look like normal bed sheets made to fit most standard mattresses. What sets these sheets apart is the material: The fabric is woven with a soft bioceramic print that reflects your body’s natural heat back into the skin in the form of far infrared (FIR). This is an interesting new technology that has been shown to generate therapeutic effects and may be useful for other medical applications which are still being explored.

These Recovery Sheets actually feature the same FIR fabric technology used in Under Armour’s Recovery Sleepwear, which we’ve actually tested. Our review noted that the pajamas were incredibly comfortable (though they won’t make you a star athlete – you still gotta put in the hard work for that), but the long and short of it is that Under Armour’s FIR-producing fabric feels great on the skin.

As far as temperature regulation goes, don’t let the idea of “reflecting body heat” scare you if you’re one of the many hot sleepers among us: Aside from the FIR print technology, the Under Armor Recovery Sheets also feature a micro-mesh weave that’s light and breathable. The fabric itself is made from a super soft cotton/modal blend for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

The technology and performance behind the Under Armour Recovery Sheets were enough to get 19-year NFL superstar Brady behind them, and they’re on sale right now in five different sizes with discounts up to $87:

  • Twin XL — $188
  • Double — $207
  • Queen — $226
  • King — $244
  • California King — $263

Each pack comes with a top sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases with hidden zipper enclosures, giving you a full bed set minus the comforter.

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