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Verizon wants to help your small business with these crazy offers

Verizon has consistently been a popular and reliable name in the cell phone networks world for a long time now. Besides helping you in your personal life, it also has some fantastic offers for all your small business needs. If you’re looking to get the best value out of your 5G business internet, the smartphones for your business, or you simply want to know you’re getting the best service out there, Verizon is the one for you. With some great small business solutions to choose from, we thought we’d guide you through why you need to switch over to Verizon right now to enjoy the best offers for your small business.

Incredibly cheap 5G business internet

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Your small business needs a reliable internet connection. We get that. It’s a vital part of anyone’s business plan nowadays and for good reason. It makes communicating with customers easier, making the daily operation of business more effective, and it generally makes your small business a far more potent proposition than ever before.

Verizon offers incredibly cheap 5G business internet with the service starting from just $69 per month. That’s an extraordinary deal for those who live in one of the 24 cities that offer 5G Business Internet. There’s also 5G Edge support for parts of 10 cities, too. With 5G Business Internet, you can enjoy speeds of up to 400Mbps with $69 per month gaining you 100Mbps service.

With nearly seven in 10 decision-makers believing that 5G will help their company overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you owe it to your business to switch over to Verizon 5G Business Internet.

Worried about rising costs? Don’t be. When you sign up to 5G Business Internet with Verizon, you get to enjoy a 10-year price guarantee so you don’t have to worry about costs suddenly changing. It’s fantastic peace of mind for when you’re planning ahead for your company’s future.

Up to $1,000 off new 5G smartphones for your business

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Your business also deserves the latest technology when it comes to smartphones. That’s why Verizon is currently offering up to $1,000 off the latest 5G smartphones. It’s possible to get the latest iPhone SE for the equivalent of nothing every month so you and your employees can benefit from some of the best devices out there right now.

By switching over to Verizon, you also get number transfer, select trade-in offers, plus the choice of Business Unlimited plans. These plans start as low as $30 per line per month for unlimited talk, text, and data for up to 5 lines. There’s paper-free billing with autopay for convenience, plus there are waived activation and upgrade fees on select products. It’s a great way to get more for less.

Unrivaled FREE business tech evaluations

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If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, Verizon is on hand to help. It offers an unrivaled free business tech evaluation service through its Verizon Small Business Days events. Appreciating that business has now evolved beyond the traditional 9-to-5 office lifestyle, these events will help you get the most from your tools so you can work productively from anywhere.

That means that Verizon can offer you plug-and-play internet, a router and desk phone, voice communications, and security tools, along with 24/7 dedicated tech support. It’s also possible to learn about video conferencing solutions like BlueJeans Meetings, which costs as little as $5 per month. If you’re keen to upgrade your business’s way of doing things but you’re not sure where to start, Verizon’s tech evaluation services are the ideal starting point and will soon get your business flying ahead of the competition.

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