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Upgrade your Echo or Google Home with a TP-Link smart plug for under $20

Smart home technology is becoming ever more prevalent in everyday life. Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming integrated with TVs, cars, and even microwaves these days. With so many devices getting the “smart” treatment these days, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the options. If all you’re looking for is the ability to turn a few things on and off, however, a discounted TP-Link smart plug or two should do the trick. They work with your Google Home or Amazon Echo, but also directly from your smartphone — so a smart speaker hub isn’t actually required.

While the savings on the Wi-Fi plug appear to be the deepest during this Walmart sale, there are a few other TP-Link savings to be had as well. For a limited time, you can also find discounts on smart bulbs and smart light switches. Here are the best deals we’ve found:

TP-Link Smart Plug — $16

TP-Link, while not as well known as Phillips Hue, actually offers some really solid devices. With Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, it will integrate just fine with your pre-existing Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. Since a hub isn’t actually required, however, you can control this device directly from your smartphone using the Kasa app. A scheduling feature allows you to automatically power electronics on and off on pretty much any time interval you’d like. Additionally, it comes with energy monitoring, allowing you to see exactly how much your electricity your devices are consuming in real time and historically.

Normally priced at $40 at Walmart, this Wi-Fi smart plug is on sale for just $16. With a discount like this, now is a great time to start turning those outlets into smart outlets.

TP-Link Multi-Color Smart Light Bulb — $30

If all your really want to do is turn a lamp on or off with your phone, the more affordable outlet above should do the trick just fine. However, if you want your light to do a lot more than just turn on and off, you’ll want to invest in a smart light. This TP-Link smart bulb lets you manage your lighting remotely, allowing you to change the color and light intensity directly from your iOS or Android device. Like the other devices on this list, it’s also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices for voice control.

Normally priced at $45 at Walmart, this multi-color intelligent light is on sale for $30 right now. It also pairs quite well with the smart plug on this list.

TP-Link Smart Smart Switch (2-pack) — $60

Unlike the smart plug and smart bulb, these light switches are a bit more integrated with your home. Instead of just plugging them into a wall, a lamp, or light, you would actually replace your old light switch with one of these. This allows you to control overhead lighting in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens directly from your phone. And if you have a Google Home or Amazon Echo smart speaker, you can even control these switches with just your voice.

Normally priced at $67 at Walmart, this 2-pack of switches is on sale for $60 right now. These aren’t as discounted as the other 2 options, but they are a pretty solid and simple smart lighting solution just the same.

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