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When is Black Friday 2021?

This year, Black Friday will be on November 26 2021, but we’ve got a sneaky feeling that sales are going to start early again this time around. In 2020, Black Friday deals started much earlier than before, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that retailers were keen to attract more custom online than ever before.

It’s been a hard year for retailers and consumers alike. Retailers are keen to keep their income flowing while consumers want to treat themselves. Combined, that’s likely to be good news for you. There should be some great deals coming up. We’re thinking pre-Black Friday sales will begin in early November and maybe even as soon as October.

One key indicator is likely to be when Memorial Day sales begin. Memorial Day is May 31 but again, it’s very likely we’ll see sales begin much earlier than that to keep you keen on snapping up some bargains.

With the continuing Coronavirus pandemic not yet leaving our lives, and restrictions carrying on in some capacity for the foreseeable future, there’s a chance that Black Friday sales may be very different this year. After a hugely successful mostly online-only Black Friday 2020, retailers may continue to keep things online so that you can snag a great deal from the comfort of your own home, rather than need to queue up for hours. It’s certainly a far more convenient method which means you’re probably more likely to get buying, right?

Whatever does happen, we’re expecting to see Black Friday 2021 be so much more than just the big day itself. Last year, retailers like Walmart and Target offered great sales throughout November, and that seems likely to continue in 2021 so that retailers can make the most profit and you can enjoy a plethora of great deals.

While sales are very likely to begin earlier, they’re going to extend until at least Cyber Monday a few days later too. Don’t be surprised if Black Friday deals reach into most of the following week as well with retailers keen to sell plenty of stock in the run up to Christmas.

Start saving now — Black Friday 2021 is going to be something special.

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