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Graphic designer? You need this font management software

A great font makes a huge difference when it comes to capturing people’s attention, whether it’s a potential customer or making an internal training exercise look more interesting. With countless numbers of fonts out there, we know how tough it is to keep them organized and well managed. That’s why we’re big fans of Connect Fonts. Considered to be the next evolutionary step from Suitcase Fusion — an industrial-strength font management app — Connect Fonts is both a desktop-based and cloud-based font manager that offers a wealth of options to help you keep on top of your growing font collection. If you’re an avid user of graphic design software or even the best free drawing software, Connect Fonts is going to make your life so much easier.

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OK, so Font management software might not sound interesting but, secretly, you’re going to be thrilled at what this offers you. In no time, you’ll be telling everyone in your industry how useful Connect Fonts is because it’s that good. It’s really easy to use with both the desktop and cloud-based applications being a breeze to work your way through. And when we say work, well, not really. Instead, it’s simple to find the font you may want and will actually help you feel more inspired.

An intuitive search feature makes sure of that. With extensive granular search options, you can use abstract search terms like adjectives or genres. That way, you can find things in a more natural way than having to think like a computer would. It also has customizable tags so it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for in a way that makes sense to you. For instance, do you want to assign some particular fonts to a project you’re working on? Add a tag marking them for that project. The same goes if you want to keep aside certain fonts for particular clients, making it very simple to find what you’re looking for at a later date. Connect Fonts even offers up a very cool font pairing suggestion tool so you can instantly see which fonts complement each other well.

With fonts, it’s so easy to lose track of everything. By using Connect Fonts, you can easily sort them in a way that makes sense to you, while also being able to easily compare them to each other when you’re figuring out which one you should use next. At all times, you can preview fonts without activating them so you get key insight into what to expect without the risk of messing up your original design. Connect Fonts is smart enough to detect corrupt and duplicate fonts, deleting them so you don’t get bogged down in far too much admin for your liking.

Can it help my design team?

Tired of reaching out to your IT team for fonts you need in design tools like Adobe and Sketch? Thanks to Connect Fonts being cloud-based, it’s also a great option for working together as you can easily share fonts with others on your team or the project, with everyone able to view fonts on any device. In fact, the largest marketing and ad agencies in the world trust Connect Fonts for their font management needs. Even if you’re on the move but need to quickly check something (or you’re feeling inspired), you can check Connect Fonts on your phone and find a good font for your next big design gig.

Still not entirely sold on how much time Connect Fonts will save you? Wait till you hear about this. Connect Fonts is able to auto-activate fonts depending on the apps you’re using. Always use a certain Adobe app or Sketch for a particular part of the project? Connect Fonts figures this out and makes sure that fonts are ready to whirl when you are.

Starting at just $9 per user per month (billed annually), Connect Fonts will save you a ton of time when juggling multiple fonts for different projects.

Even better, there’s a free trial right now. For 15 days, you can try out Connect Fonts without needing to enter credit card details. It’s the ideal way to see how Connect Fonts can revolutionize your work practices. We’re pretty confident you won’t say no to the Connect Fonts way of doing things, but 15 days of trying it out for yourself will seal the deal.

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